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New Years Eve Movie Questions Answered!
  1. What is the opening song in the New Years Eve movie?

    I'm looking for the opening song (title and who sings it) of the New Years Eve movie. Anyone?

  2. How to edit a home-movie video on Windows Media Player?

    I wanna share a 3 second clip of a 5 minute new years eve home movie on face book how do i do that?

  3. What would be a good idea to do on new years eve?

    I'm pregnant have a 1 and 2 yr old. And a husband but he will most likely just play video games. What could me and the kids do on new years eve? Maybe a movie?

  4. What are some good scary movies to watch on new years eve?

    So my friend is coming over for new years eve... and we want to watch scary movies... but they need to be new releases... we are already going to watch Jennifer's Body and Paranormal Activity but i still need suggestions... Thanks for any help

  5. What are the best movies for a 13 year old and best friends to watch on new years eve?

    Hey everyone! I'm a girl and I'm having my friend (a girl) and my 3 guy friends over on new years eve. We want to watch movies and I just want to know some good and funny movies out there right down. Not so much romantic and not movies that have awkward parts. Thanks so much =)

  6. Do you like movies that have a million story lines going on simultaneously?

    You know like Love Actually, Valentines Day, New Years Eve type movies? I watched Love Actually and Valentines Day and thought they were okay movies. But I prefer to watch a movie which has one main focus story.

  7. What is the movie called with Paul Rudd looking for a party on new years eve?

    What's the movie called? It has Paul Rudd in it. He was young, they were looking for a girls new years eve party.

  8. What is the real name of the man who fixed the ball in new years eve?

    In the movie new years eve, there was a man who was russian and fixed the ball when it short circuted. What is the name of the actor who played this man? Thank you i looked through the cast list but couldnt find him. He does play a large role though