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New Years Eve Questions Answered!
  1. How is Partying in Ottawa on new years eve ? is it a fun and interesting party town ?

    My Girlfriend and I who are both 19 are planning a trip to ottawa for new years eve. We are also traveling with another couple. Will we have fun ? is there lots to do and the drinking age is 19 correct ?

  2. What is the proper way to refer to New Years Eve?

    Do you refer to New Years Eve with the current year or the upcoming year? Would you say, for example this New Years Eve, New Years Eve 2013 since the New Year is 2013 and it is the Eve? I am trying to put together an invitation and I would like it to reflect the correct information.

  3. What are the alternatives for going to times square on New Years Eve?

    Are there any free alternatives to going to times square on new years eve that start at around 7pm and are near times square? Thank you!

  4. What to wear to a highschool new years eve party?

    Im 16, a sophomore and I was invited to a new years eve party by my friend whos a senior. Most of the people there are gonna be seniors/freshmen in college so I want to make a good impression and especially not be looked at as a little kid. what do I wear on new years eve to a high school party. does it make a differance whether its a big or small party? thanks and happy new year!

  5. What time is Disneyland fireworks going to start for new years eve?

    What time today New Years Eve at Disneyland are the fireworks going to start?

  6. What should i prepare for dinner on New years eve for two?

    This guy i have been dating is coming to my place for new years eve and i cant think of anything to make!! I want something good, nothing to fancy, and my date does not eat veggies or mexican. Can anyone give me some ideas?